What Is Mercedes-Benz Service A and Service B?

Our new customers ofter ask, what is the difference between a Mercedes-Benz Service A and Service B. This is a very important query to ensure that your Mercedes-Benz is getting the correct service when it’s needed to ensure a long-lasting and safe performance on the Essex roads.

We therefore want to explain each service interval below, and don’t hesitate to GCS if you have any questions or concerns about your vehicle. You can schedule your service appointment using our request a quote or through social media messaging of your choice.

Mercedes-Benz A Service

Taking care of your luxury vehicle means knowing when to take it in for a scheduled service. The first required service for your vehicle is Mercedes-Benz A Service, which is due around 10,000 miles or one year after purchase. This may vary depending on the specific model and the way you drive your vehicle. Your Flexible Service System will advise you when it is time so there is no need to keep track. The following is what is included with the A Service:

  • Test brake fluid
  • Test anti freeze
  • Full Inspection of Car
  • Inspect visible brakes
  • Inspect Tyres
  • Check Lights and Levels
  • Change Engine Oil
  • Test Drive
  • Advise on Service Schedule including coolant changes, timing belts, gearbox oil changes.
  • Update DSB

Mercedes-Benz B Service

Approximately a year after the first A Service appointment, (two years since your purchase or at 20,000 miles (whichever comes first)), it will then be time to bring your vehicle to GCS to check your Mercedes is operating optimally. Again, the Flexible Service System will remind you. The service intervals are then regular at two years or 20,000 miles and, includes all of the points under an A service. Also under a B Service, the following work may need to be performed:

  • All elements under A Service
  • Diagnostic Report
  • Battery Charging Test
  • Tyres Measured
  • Brakes Measured
  • Cabin Filter Replaced
  • Key Fob Battery Replaced
  • Under Trays removed for inspection.
  • Spark Plugs, air and fuel filters depending on time and mileage.

Do I Need All Items Included in a B Service?

This will depend on your mileage and what work was conducted previously. At GCS we will advise you as to what work is advisory and any elements that are unnecessary due to previous work conducted.

As we have full access to your digital service book we will ensure that you are not paying for items that you do not need. Unlike a mains dealer we will not carry out unnecessary work thus saving you money.

Please contact us using the link below to obtain a quote and discuss any requirements you may have. We are based in Rayleigh and can service your Mercedes in our area of Essex.