Volkswagen 3 signs you have clutch problems

A Volkswagen Tiguan was in the shop today suffering from clutch problems. It transpires that the clutch master cylinder needed replacing.

A clutch master cylinder is a part included to manual transmission vehicles, and acts as the pump for the hydraulically operated clutch system.

When you step on the clutch pedal, the clutch master cylinder pushes fluid through the system down to the clutch slave cylinder so that it may disengage the clutch. As the clutch is hydraulic in nature, clutch master cylinders are often prone to issues with leaks that will interfere with its ability to displace fluid. These problems can lead to issues with the clutch pedal and changing gears.

Usually a bad or failing clutch master cylinder will produce a few symptoms that can notify the driver that a potential problem has occurred. If you are experiencing any of these you should book an appointment with us to ensure no further issues arise.

1. Low or dirty clutch fluid

One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a potential problem with the clutch master cylinder is low or dirty fluid in the reservoir. Dirty fluid can be caused by the seals inside the master cylinder breaking down due to wear and old age and contaminating the fluid. Aging seals are also increasingly prone to leaks as time goes on.

2. Hard to change gear

Another issue related to a bad or failing clutch master cylinder is the difficulty to change gear.

As the clutch is hydraulic any fault may result in grinding when changing gear or even the transmission popping out of gear when driving

3. Abnormal clutch pedal behavior

Abnormal pedal pressure is another symptom of a potential problem with a bad or failing master cylinder. If the cylinder develops any internal issues, it will directly affect the feel of the pedal. A leaky cylinder may cause the pedal to feel mushy or spongy, and in more severe cases, will lead to a pedal that will sink to the floor and stay there when depressed.

The clutch master cylinder is an important component and if it develops any problems, they can quickly lead to issues that affect the overall drivability of the vehicle. If your vehicle is displaying any of the symptoms above, or you suspect that your master cylinder may be having a problem, have the vehicle inspected by a us to ensure your VW remains in great working order.

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