Why is my Mercedes Losing Power?

A Turbo Bypass Actuator was causing some issues for one of our customers’ Mercedes, resulting in a loss of power. Some times our customers have been to other garages who don’t have the skills and expertise that our technicians have accumulated over 25 years.

Today we had a beautiful example of a Mercedes C Class C250 Diesel that had been suffering from a lack of power. The customer has been to three other garages that could not diagnose the problem.

Our Mercedes’ trained mechanics undertook a detailed diagnostic process. After conducting an airtight test of the intake system using specially developed tools it was discovered that the Turbo Bypass actuator wasn’t generating a sufficient vacuum.

The client is very happy that the issue has been diagnosed and parts are on order.

If your Mercedes in Essex is suffering from a lack of power then contact us on social media, email or by using the form below.