Top 10 fuel saving tips

A lot of our customers ask how they can save money on their petrol and diesel. With fuel prices in Rayleigh, Basildon and surrounding Essex at their highest in years it’s important to make sure you’re not wasting fuel as a result of your car being inefficient.  At German Car Services we would recommend theContinue reading “Top 10 fuel saving tips”

Volkswagen 3 signs you have clutch problems

A Volkswagen Tiguan was in the shop today suffering from clutch problems. It transpires that the clutch master cylinder needed replacing. A clutch master cylinder is a part included to manual transmission vehicles, and acts as the pump for the hydraulically operated clutch system. When you step on the clutch pedal, the clutch master cylinderContinue reading “Volkswagen 3 signs you have clutch problems”

Why is my Mercedes Losing Power?

A Turbo Bypass Actuator was causing some issues for one of our customers’ Mercedes, resulting in a loss of power. Some times our customers have been to other garages who don’t have the skills and expertise that our technicians have accumulated over 25 years. Today we had a beautiful example of a Mercedes C ClassContinue reading “Why is my Mercedes Losing Power?”

How do I access the Mercedes Digital Service Record?

What is the Mercedes DSB? The Digital Service Booklet gives you an online record of your Mercedes vehicle’s service history. Your Mercedes records can be accessed securely by you on computer or personal device . If you give permission, GCS,as independent technicians also have access to your vehicles records so that we can review andContinue reading “How do I access the Mercedes Digital Service Record?”

Volkswagen not changing Gear

One of our valued customers was having an issue with their gearbox. The customer visited us at our shop in Rayleigh Essex with his beloved Volkswagen Passat and explained it was not changing gear. Following a detailed diagnostic process it was discovered that communication with the Gearbox control unit had failed. On further investigation theContinue reading “Volkswagen not changing Gear”

Why is Smoke coming from My Mercedes Diesel?

Mercedes v6 diesel engines, (OM642 engines) often have issues regardingextended cranking from cold and white smoke once started. This more often than not doesn’t have any fault codes stored sending a lot of non Mercedes garages down the wrong path. At German Car Services we are specialists in Mercedes vehicles and are familiar with thisbContinue reading “Why is Smoke coming from My Mercedes Diesel?”