Top 10 fuel saving tips

A lot of our customers ask how they can save money on their petrol and diesel. With fuel prices in Rayleigh, Basildon and surrounding Essex at their highest in years it’s important to make sure you’re not wasting fuel as a result of your car being inefficient. 

At German Car Services we would recommend the following to maximise the efficiency of your car.  Some may seem simple but are you doing them?

1. Check Tyre Pressure

If you have incorrect tyre pressure the more energy is needed to move the vehicles.  The more energy, the more fuel and the higher the cost.

Just checking your tyre pressure once a month could save you a large sum.  The recommended tyre pressure can normally be found on the driver’s side door sill.

2. Aim to Drive Smoothly

We all like to prod the fun pedal from time to time but driving erratically can result in your vehicle consuming up to 60% more fuel. You should aim to drive in the highest gear at a constant speed. Pull away from lights smoothly. 

Slow and steady may not be fun but it wins the fuel race.

3. Clear Out Your Boot

To all of those people who treat their boot as a second shed.  That set of golf clubs you use once a month is costing you money.  Now’s the time to clear it out.  The heavier your car the more fuel it needs to move around. Maybe the walking and cycling will help with that too!

4. Make Fewer Trips

Making fewer short journeys will preserve fuel. A cold engine uses much more fuel for the first five miles so ideally you should aim to combine your planned journeys into one big trip. Try to avoid short trips and walk or cycle if possible.

5. Maintain the Speed Limit

You’re late and get tempted to sneak over the speed limit to make up that time.  We’ve all been there.

But even travelling at 80 MPH instead of 70 MPH will cost you significantly more in fuel not to mention the speeding fines.

6. Take off the roof box

Aerodynamics have a big impact on fuel consumption.

Remember that roof box that you installed to go on holiday but haven’t removed? The box is like having a sail on top of your vehicle. If you’re not using it take it off!

7. Turn off the Air-Con

People tend to leave their air conditioning on all year round even when it’s not needed. If the temperature is bearable turn the air-con off as it’s burning fuel.  Think of it like your heating at home.  Would you leave the boiler on all day long if you didn’t need to?

8. Close Windows

Your car’s aero dynamics are impacted when the windows are open.  This creates more drag which results in more energy being needed.  More energy equals more fuel….Science at work!

9. Car Share

If you like the people you work with why not organise a car sharing pool.  Just don’t try karaoke!

10. Regular Servicing

You maybe tempted to skip your annual service to save money.  In reality this could make your car up to 10% less fuel efficient thus costing you more in the long run.

At German Car Services we would always recommend regular servicing and it may not cost you as much as you think.  Contact us today to get a quote to ensure you are not being penny wise but pound poor.