Why is my Mercedes Losing Power?

A Turbo Bypass Actuator was causing some issues for one of our customers’ Mercedes, resulting in a loss of power. Some times our customers have been to other garages who don’t have the skills and expertise that our technicians have accumulated over 25 years. Today we had a beautiful example of a Mercedes C ClassContinue reading “Why is my Mercedes Losing Power?”

Volkswagen not changing Gear

One of our valued customers was having an issue with their gearbox. The customer visited us at our shop in Rayleigh Essex with his beloved Volkswagen Passat and explained it was not changing gear. Following a detailed diagnostic process it was discovered that communication with the Gearbox control unit had failed. On further investigation theContinue reading “Volkswagen not changing Gear”

Why is Smoke coming from My Mercedes Diesel?

Mercedes v6 diesel engines, (OM642 engines) often have issues regardingextended cranking from cold and white smoke once started. This more often than not doesn’t have any fault codes stored sending a lot of non Mercedes garages down the wrong path. At German Car Services we are specialists in Mercedes vehicles and are familiar with thisbContinue reading “Why is Smoke coming from My Mercedes Diesel?”

Mercedes Gear Box Problems

MERCEDES 7SP GEARBOX FAULT This is a very common fault for Mercedes vehicles fitted with the 7G-Tronic automatic transmission with gearbox code – 722.9, often causing the transmission to hold too long in one gear before aggressively forcing the next gear into place, this causes a very rough and jerky gear change. The fault usuallyContinue reading “Mercedes Gear Box Problems”

What is leaking from my Mercedes?

Our Mercedes specialists in Essex can diagnose and repair any fluids that may be leaking from your Mercedes-Benz. Common problems include: Mercedes Oil Leaks Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured after 1995 have an electronic transmission system. Although the system is extremely innovative a common issue is that the electronic transmission system often leads to graphite build-up causedContinue reading “What is leaking from my Mercedes?”

What Causes Excessive or Uneven Tyre Wear?

It is normal for the tread on your tyres to gradually degrade over time but excessive or uneven tyre wear may be a sign that something is wrong with your Mercedes, Audi or BMW. It may even point towards your vehicle becoming unsafe especially in adverse weather conditions. It maybe that your Mercedes, Audi orContinue reading “What Causes Excessive or Uneven Tyre Wear?”

8 signs that there’s a fault with your car

Some of our Mercedes, Audi and BMW customers ask how the can tell if their is something wrong with their car? A list of 8 things to check on your car follows: The vehicle performance is slow or has sluggish acceleration The check engine light is on The fuel efficiency is bad Your vehicle hasContinue reading “8 signs that there’s a fault with your car”

Going the extra mile with safety inspections

At German Car Services we conduct safety inspections on all our customers vehicles when they are in for servicing or repair. Friday morning we had customer bring his car in for a cambelt change. On popping the bonnet it was clear there was a more pressing issue that needed attention. Two of the injector sealsContinue reading “Going the extra mile with safety inspections”