Can Independent Garages update Mercedes Digital Service Book?

The simple answer is yes as long as they are registered as an independent repair centre.

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles built from 2010 onwards now have their entire service history stored electronically in a secure online database.

We are registered with Mercedes-Benz UK as an Independent Repair Centre, and are fully able to update your Mercedes-Benz online Digital Service Record.

Die Mercedes me Fahrtenbuch App Die digitale und moderne Fahrtenbuch-Lösung // The Mercedes me Logbook App The digital and modern logbook solution

We access your vehicle’s Digital Service Record via our registered Mercedes-Benz Dealer Portal, allowing us to log all servicing works carried out on your vehicle and keep your service history completely up to date. Not only do you receive a printed hard copy of your service invoice when you collect your vehicle, we will also email you the Mercedes-Benz Digital Service Record log. 

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    1. Hi Andy, no we have full access to Mercedes systems and due to consumer protection law it cannot invalidate your warranty. If you want to find out more please drop us an email/message or use the request a quote form.

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