What is leaking from my Mercedes?

Our Mercedes specialists in Essex can diagnose and repair any fluids that may be leaking from your Mercedes-Benz. Common problems include:

Mercedes Oil Leaks

Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured after 1995 have an electronic transmission system.

Although the system is extremely innovative a common issue is that the electronic transmission system often leads to graphite build-up caused by an oil leak.

Mercedes Differential leaks

Oil leaks are not the only common leaks that Mercedes Drivers suffer. Our Mercedes specialists tend to see customers also been prone to running into differential leaks. These typically arise in E class Mercedes with high mileage.

These types of leaks normally originate from the pinion seals, axle seals, or the differential covers, and are caused by these components failing due to wear and tear.

At German Car Services the Mercedes experts we can diagnose and fix leaks that are coming from your vehicle. Please book an appointment to visit our premises in Rayleigh Essex.