Going the extra mile with safety inspections

At German Car Services we conduct safety inspections on all our customers vehicles when they are in for servicing or repair.

Friday morning we had customer bring his car in for a cambelt change. On popping the bonnet it was clear there was a more pressing issue that needed attention.

Two of the injector seals had failed due to the injector clamps breaking, causing dangerous exhaust gases to enter the passenger cabin, potentially causing a danger to the occupants. We advised that all 4 be replaced at this time to prevent further issues in the future.

This is a messy job that involves removing the injectors, cleaning the heavy carbon build up from the area, cutting new seats in the head and fit new seals, then refit.

On this occasion there was minor damage to one of the injector bases that was shown to the customer who decided to refit due to time scale of getting a new injector base. Car was turned around within the day.

Another reason why you should bring your Mercedes, BMW, Audi or other German cars to us for your automotive needs in Essex.